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David R. Payne
David R. Payne
David R. Payne is an Asheville native. For over twenty years he has enjoyed a strategic presence within the courtrooms of Western North Carolina. David has a reputation of being a strong yet diplomatic attorney  who demands the respect associated with his standing as an office of the courts. With high scholastic  honors and a sense of balance from practical experience growing up in the construction industry, David prides himself with an efficient and effective legal representation for the people of North Carolina. David has extensive trial experience and enjoys the challenge of a good legal battle focused on the right and truthful outcome for his clients.  
Joseph Carroll Bowman
Joseph Carroll Bowman
Joseph Bowman is a seasoned trial attorney with expertise in criminal matters after more than a decade as an Assistant District Attorney for the State of North Carolina. He has tried more than 500 DWI cases.  He has prosecuted multiple 1st degree and 2nd degree murder cases, including capital murder, he has tried to verdict self defense using lethal force, rape, kidnapping, habitual DWI, drug sales, assaults, firearms violations, embezzlement, strangulation, domestic violence, habitual felons,and everything in-between.   Our lawyers serve Asheville as well as all of the surrounding areas in Buncombe County and Western North Carolina (Buncombe, Madison and Henderson). We have English and Portuguese interpreters available for all cases. Nós falamos Português!

Our lawyers want to help you with:

  • personal injury,

  • traffic violations (DUI/DWI, speeding, including DWI in Blue Ridge Parkway in Federal Court),

  • criminal defense at all levels, from drug paraphernalia to trafficking to homicide.

  • real estate & deed transfer,

  • worker's compensation.

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