We have a special place in our hearts for Military Veterans.

I am a mother of a disabled veteran who suffers with many issues including severe PTSD. My son got himself into not 1 but 2 situations he was arrested for in 2 different counties in N.C. I received a letter in the mail offering legal services I called immediately and was referred to JOE BOWMAN. Within a day’s time and discussing both charges, no one has ever taken control and given me security in untouched waters like Joe did. Joe understood the life of a war veteran, he was not only professional and knowledgable legally he made you feel like he was your friend. The first case was heard in Henderson County with a minimum jail sentence of 7 years. With a court room presence second to none Joe got his charges lowered and my son was sentenced to probation . We left the court room and I screamed and hugged Joe. Now we faced the charge in Haywood County, Joe was trying to get this dismissed and that was not going to happen. They came to an agreement of 3 years probation and court costs. When Joe presented this to the judge and spoke on my sons behalf without looking at notes I might add, the judge took a moment to decide. The Judge was compassionate and understanding after listening , all my son had to do when we left was pay the clerk $10.00. We all left the court room with our mouths opened in disbelief. It was unheard of even Joe said he had never heard of anything in his career to end that way. God has watched over us always and only His divine intervention could be the answer. He sent JOE BOWMAN to us and he has truly been a Blessing in our lives. He will be in our hearts always. In my opinion and with all the stories I’ve heard from many through the years, I have to say YOU DONT GET BETTER THAN JOE BOWMAN. Sincerely Karen Williams

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