Workers Compensation

Were you injured while at work? Is your employer denying you medical coverage and/or lost wages? If you were injured while on the job you are entitled to medical benefits and to also receive wages for the days you were not able to work due to the injury. Unfortunately many times employers and their insurance companies attempt to limit or in some cases completely deny the coverage entitled to you. How we can help you with worker's compensation:
  • Work with you to get your medical bills paid
  • Work with you in effort to have your lost wages paid
  • Communicate with the NCIC (North Carolina Industrial Commission) for you
We have a reputation for being an aggressive and responsible firm that fights to maintain our client’s rights. There will be no attorney fee unless we win your claim. This means that we either win a jury trial or obtain a favorable settlement on your behalf. Call us today to set up a free consultation. Our legal team is ready to fight for you! 10702209_773998316007555_7281271496491285861_n     Workers_Compensation_Intake_Form